Last day in Järva-Jaani

This is the last day the Swedes visited our school.

We had breakfast in the morning & later continued the day with our presentation to some surprise guests & reflected on the week.




After that it was time for the Swedes to leave our school. The Swedes & some Estonian students drove back to the airport in Tallinn. We wished for them to stay longer but all good times must come to an end.


Day 3 in Järva-Jaani

All the students came to school to eat breakfast as usual. Since the Swedish student hasn’t seen the entire school yet we had a tour around the school. We got to see all the classrooms and the Orina. The Orina is a big mansion that today is a museum about the school in Järva-Jaani. It also cointains a lot of old things and books about the history of Järva-Jaani. After that we had lunch, continued with our presentation for Thursday & had dinner.


During the evening we were scheduled a school dance but we had a better idea to either have a movie night or just sit together, listen to music & chat. Basically to relax from the hectic start of the week.


Day 2 in Järva-Jaani

When all of us were ready we started out trip to Türi city where we visited the Estonial National Defence League. We were introduced to the structure on the Defence Forces & how the building operates on a regular basis.


After that we continued our trip to Tartu. We parked outside the Tartu prison.


There was really high security so we weren’t allowed to bring any electronics inside. When we got in we got a tour in the prison and they told us how everything works. We ate lunch at the prison and after that we walked into the prison area. As we walked we saw in the windows how prisoners stared at us. For them it was really unusual with visitors. Some of them shouted at us and it felt really creepy. We got to see the cells and see how they lived. You usually don’t get to see what a prison actually looks like from the inside so that was a good experience. When we left the guard told us “Hope to see you again” but to be honest, we probably don’t want that.

After the prison visit we went to a big mall called Lõunakeskus and spent 45 minutes doing whatever we wanted.


Then we drove back the same way. After this the day was over and we all had some free time to get some rest.

Day 1 in Järva-Jaani

At 08:15 we had breakfast. After that we had a product meeting.

20180312_091032.jpgToday we have started working about conflicts in the European union. And we have been tasked with the Kosovo conflict/war. We divided us into four groups who each had one conflict each and began to seek information about minorities in the Palestin and Bosnian conflict. We have starting to make an powerpoint, with some pictures and text. The presentation will be presented at Thursday.

At 12:00 we gone break for lunch after the lunch where are going to have a sporting event; Two nation cup in team sport (basketball, football, volleyball and floorball). For the first time ever in this gym, there was a game between two nations, Estonia vs Sweden.



The winner of that cup will bring a trophy home with them for a year. The sporting event was really fun. No hard feelings at all, after the game. The was a close and hard game. Both nations was good in the different sporting events. There was a lot of mixed feelings but at the end of the day it’s all supposed to be fun and whoever wins doesn’t really matter. 16:00 we are going to have dinner.

So we have been to the military escape room in Rakvere. We made two teams of four & the idea was to practise teambuilding with the objective to escape the room (obviously). The teams consisted of 2 Swedes & 2 Estonians.


The hardest part in the escape room was to communicate in English,  the language barrier was imminent. However everyone was able to get out. We cooperated and did our best. It was a good experience and we learned to work together.

First evening in Estonia

Today the Swedish students got onto the flight that would take them to Estonia. After a long journey they came to Tallinn airport. In October the Estonian students had been in Sweden and now after 5 months we could finally reunite. Due to lack of seats on the bus only 4 out of 8 students met us at the airport but we gave each other a lot of hugs and the reunion was truly amazing.


We got on the bus and bagan to drive in to Estonia. On the bus ride we spoke a lot with each other and we eventually came to the restaurant in Sämmi Grill .There we met the remaining 4 students. We had a meeting with information about the week and had some food. The Swedish students hadn’t been eating for 7 hours so the food really tasted great. When everyone were done we drove through the dark to Järva-Jaani. The Swedish students will live in the Pastoraat.

Erasmus+ Laserdome

One evening out together



Laserdome is a tough and demanding activity that fits everyone, old as young. Strength is not the most important here but instead speed, accuracy in firing and your ability to cooperate with your team-mates.


Before the game everyone gets to watch a film that explains the rules of the game. When inside the weapons-room you put on your equipment, wearing the gun on your front. Secure the equipment on both sides of your body and check so that the name on the vest and the gun corresponds. You are now ready to play. When the judge activates the game you have 20 seconds to hide inside the arena. After 20 seconds your equipment is activated and the inferno begins.


Your task is to score as many points as possible by hitting the flashing areas on enemy equipment.

Each player has 5 flashing areas. One chest hit is 200 points, back 100 points, shoulders and weapon hits 50 points. Each hit is registered automatically in your equipment and you receive the points. When the game ends the scores are counted and everyone sees the results on screens both in the weapon-room and at the reception desk.

You always have unlimited amount of shots and lives, but when you get hit your weapon and your equipment cease to work for about 7 seconds and you lose some points. After 7 seconds the equipment is activated again and you are ready for revenge…

If you play a team-match the challenge is to only shoot your enemies but not your team-mates. You can separate the teams by the colors of their equipment. If you play a solo-match all the other players are your enemy.

Rules. Playing is at own risk! Follow these rules for your own safety:

  • Do not run
  • Keep a distance and do not touch any team-players or enemy-players
  • Do not climb
  • Do not crawl
  • Good luck and may the best player win!

Aaaand the winner this time iiis – drumroll drumroll drumroll – Molly!

Erasmus+ Frölunda Indians

Icehockey game at Scandinavium



Frölunda is one of Sweden’s best ice hockey teams and they are from Goteborg. They won the Swedish Championships in 2016. One of the participants, Frida, was able to get free tickets for everyone within our project so we got the opportunity to watch a game at their home arena, Scandinavium, located at the center of Goteborg quite near to our school – it is on the same street.


It was a great game and everyone got a bit excited when the players scored goals. We had a great time and it felt as if we got a bit closer together since we all gathered together towards something everyone found interesting.

Thank you Frida for those free tickets – your initiative made that evening special to all of us.